CrossFit is fitness for EVERYONE. Aimed to improve your overall health, strength, fitness, mobility and energy with our experienced coaches through constantly varied, functional movements which are scalable to everyone's abilities and needs.

Classes are 60 minutes long, and include and explanation and demonstration of workout and it's movements, warm up, strength/skill, followed by your workout then stretching/cooldown.

5.15am and 9.15am:  Monday, Wednesday & Friday

5.30am and 10am: Tuesday & Thursday

4.30pm: Monday-Thursday

5.30pm: Friday

8.30am Saturday

To get started, contact us for a trial, then complete our PREP COURSE


This Beginners CrossFit class compliments the movements covered in our PREP course.


This 4 week cycle will focus on techniques of the the Fundamental movements, and each class will finish with a simple yet challenging WOD using the movements covered.

You can jump into this class when ever you want, and when you complete 4x weeks in a row, you should have covered all the fundamental movements.

And yes! You can still jump into the main CrossFit, Hybrid, Blitz and Strength classes while doing this class. Become a member to get started!

6.30pm Tuesday


A class focused purely on build strength with your choice of Back Squat, Bench Press or Deadlift, along with their accessory movements. Each week, the coach will help you with what weights to use, correct your form, and ensure you are working to your potential for the best results over time.

Within each 6 week cycle, you choose what movement you want to work on and can choose to stick to the same movement each cycle, or change it up. Start any time!

5.30pm Thursday

Experience with the movements is recommended but for the best results, complete our PREP COURSE before joining this class, and regularly participate in our other classes. 


HYBRID classes run like our regular CrossFit: Explanation of movements and standards, warm up, coaching and workout all within 60 minutes. The movements in HYBRID classes are aimed towards those looking for less technical movements, but still earning a huge calorie burning 30+ min sweat-fest. You wont find any olympic lifting or high skill gymnastics here.
These classes are designed to be more aerobic based in nature, and to mix it up, we always have day or two of pure Strength training. Designed for you to come every day.


6.15am Monday, Wednesday & Friday

6.30pm Monday & Wednesday

5.30pm Tuesday and Friday

8.30am Sat

To get started, contact us for a trial, then complete our


Our CrossFit Women class, like our other classes, is a small community based on respect, acceptance, love and is ready to welcome anyone looking for unconditional support.

We want to help you reach any and all of your goals, from weight loss, increased physical and mental strength, maybe your first competition and leave you feeling empowered. Not to mention just an awesome community to make friends with!


In this class, babies and toddlers are welcome to nap, grumble and laugh next to mum while she trains. BUT this class is not just for the mums - Any woman is welcome no matter your background, age or goals.

See you there!


9.15am Monday, Wednesday and, Friday


Blitz is a 35min fast paced, high intensity workout that covers all sorts of movements, formats and focus.

You will be in and out of here having worked hard, and can rest easy for the rest of the day knowing you have earn't it!

These midday sessions will fit into any lunch breaks, shift work, or those who like to sleep in and keep their workouts shorter but effective!

12pm Monday, Wednesday & Friday

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443 Anglesea Street, 

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New Zealand


Check out our timetable for when we will be open. 15min before and after class.