We here at Alpha Brave CrossFit wanted to update our staff and members on the Coronavirus or Covid-19 and the steps being taken to mitigate the risks to our staff, members, family and friends.

You can find information about COVID-19 on the Ministry of Health website here (it is updated twice daily):


- Please do not cancel or put your membership's on hold. You may not have a gym to come back to. Smaller gyms like ours will take a HUGE hit if this happens. We have back up ideas to ensure you are getting workouts and content online to keep your training routine up!

- Follow cleaning protocols

- Stay home if you are sick, or you have sick kids at home.

Below are some useful Q&As. If you have any more questions, concerns or suggestions on this subject, please let us know.



Recommendations to prevent infection spread include regular hand washing and/or using hand sanitiser products, covering the mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing and sneezing. Latest advice is to sing the happy birthday song twice while washing hands, to ensure you give the
process sufficient time. You do not need to do this out loud.

Avoid close contact with anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness such as coughing and sneezing.

We suggest halting in class handshakes and high fives until this virus is past its peak. This can be replaced by a foot shake, elbow touch, or "Shaka"- maybe a Tik Tok challenge to detract from the serious message:



Wearing face masks is not recommended at this stage. However, if you would feel more comfortable wearing a mask you can.

Other preventative measures we are taking:

- Provide hand sanitiser at reception | Require it is used on entry and exit (BEFORE they sign in via Ipad/Kiosk)
- Making sure bathroom is super stocked with handwash and sanitiser
- We will not be using a common towel for hand drying in bathroom, we are switching to single use paper towels
- We will be removing communal chalk. Feel free to bring your own chalk bar/liquid. Blocks can be purchased around Hamilton, closest being Elite Fitness.
- Making sure our member cleaning rituals of wiping down equipment before and after working out are being followed
- Continuing to limit class numbers to 14.
- Ensure the sanitiser and disinfectant we are using is at least 70% alcohol to kill germs on surfaces
- Leading by example (Coaches will walk the talk and embrace the highest hygiene standards!)
- No using reusable cups, dishes etc
There are spray bottles, and a mop and bucket available with disinfectant.

With the equipment like Wallballs, Bags, KB, Abmats, Dumbbells - If we use them in class, lay them out on the mats nicely spaces out, and spray them with the bottles of made up disinfectant, then they can dry out for the next class.

If the BARBELLS have been used, once they are returned to the rig stack, spray with the bottles of disinfectant over it. Wipes will also be available. There is currently a limit on cleaning products, so Im trying to go in every day and grabbing what I can on the customer limit for the wipes, but we have plenty of spray disinfectant ready to be used.

Wipe RIG with wipes or spray with disinfectant and wipe down. Members to spray with bottles and use their towels to wipe down. Also, stick to same area when working out.

TOWELS and Clothing - Members, please bring towels to training. Also, wash your clothes immediately after training and use fresh clothes for each training session.

MOP AND BUCKET - In addition to the full cleaning, Alpha refill it and add new cleaning product to it every day. If there are really sweaty session, give those areas a mop, and we can ask our members to mop up after themselves.

CHALK - It has been recommended we remove the shared chalk, and provide individual chalk to buy. I can't purchase this at cost, but i will encourage members to buy chalk from ELITE or someone in Hamilton/Online.

WATER - We will no longer provide a water cooler. Please bring your own full water bottle from home.

TOILET - We will now use paper towels, instead of a towel, to dry hands.

SIGNING IN - IPAD/Kiosk will be removed. Coaches will sign you in. you will NEED to book in to class to ensure we are able to sign you in.

OPEN GYM - This may need to be suspended, but please follow all cleaning regulations.


Symptoms of COVID-19 are similar to a range of other common illnesses (some serious, some not) and do not necessarily mean that you have COVID-19.


Symptoms include fever, coughing and difficulty breathing. In particular difficulty breathing is a sign of possible pneumonia or asthmatic attack and requires immediate medical attention. Please distinguish between breathing difficulties from an out of breath tough WOD and COVID-19 symptoms.


Seek medical attention as you normally would if you are ill, but call ahead to make an appointment rather than walk into the clinic.


Do not go into the A&E unless it is an emergency or you have an appointment.


If you think you may have been exposed to Coronavirus, contact Healthline (for free) on 0800 358 5453 for advice.



We take any threat to the safety and health of our staff and members very seriously. At this stage we are operating as usual with some additional precautionary measures in place. Staff will be informed of any changes to work and/or any measures to be taken to protect and support members and families. We will make provision for further changes and protective measures, should the virus threat escalate.

If an outbreak is confirmed in the region we operate in, we will convene and make decisions on the partial or full temporary closure of the gym. However that will be a worst case scenario. Our hope is to minimise exposure while continuing our core business. In the event of a forced closure, we envisage we will still collect member subscriptions, we will program at home workouts, we will engage openly and often on social media to maintain staff and member engagement. We will stream online video coaching (or similar). Bear in mind any closure will only be temporary (likely 14 - 30 days). With the right approach we can manage this.

There is no reason to panic or be fearful. Equally there is no sense in being complacent about the potential impact of Coronavirus. It is important to stay informed, be well prepared and follow the latest advice to keep yourself and others safe. Should you have any questions or require more advice at this stage, please do not hesitate to contact your team.

Stay Safe, Stay Well!