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Gym Workout

Level 3+ Classes and Format

We are so excited to be able to start training together again! We will change and adapt classes/times/formats as we go to make the best out of a not-too-great situation :)
We have the ability to run classes on the gym property, in both our Front and Back carparks (depending on the time of day).

Important things to know:

- Bookings are essential for all classes. Please scan in with every class.

- 60min before class to CANCEL. 60min before class to RESERVE. Bookings will be allowed up to 2 days in advance to give everyone as equal opportunity as possible.

- 1 Class limit per day, please feel free to reach out if special circumstance :)

- 8-9x Person Cap per class (Need 1 for Coach, and an extra depending on class/coaches)

- Toilets and water are unavailable to access. Please come with an empty bladder and full water battle.

- 3 Strike System for No-Shows. If you get a 3rd strike, then for next month you you will automatically be put on waitlist if you have reserved into a full class.

- OPENAIR GYM: First in First serve! If there are 8 people out the back, you must wait.

Setting up for each class:

- Arrive 5min before class to please set up your station's mats.

- First class of the shift will need to set up their places. The last person on your stations will but the equipment away. Is someone in the next class wants your station... you don't have to put mats away!

- All equipment to be on mats or tarpaulin please :)

- Please stay out of the gym and ask the coach if you need something.

- Please stay 2m apart.

Where Can I Park during class?
- In the early morning classes before 7.30am, and afternoon classes after 4pm, members must find off street parking.

- During the day time classes between 9am and 3pm, you may pack at back of Alpha.

- Please stay against the ALPHA building, and off the back tenants property. (This is only during Level 3)

What if it is Raining?

- If it is light, medium, or spotty raining, then class will go on head but with changes in programming to make it safe. (We will have back up programming that can work in wet weather, and with equipment that is safe to use in rain)

- 30min Notice: If the rain is heavy, then class will be cancelled a "LIVE: AT HOME" class will be run at home instead.

When the class is cancelled, it will not count as a session.

What to Bring for each class:
- Sweat Towel

- Yoga mat for more comfort if doing floor work

- Chalk

- Sunblock

- Water Bottle

- Skipping Rope

Lifting Kettlebells


Front Car Park

Range from 45-60min. See the TimeTable for Full classes.
These will have access to the Barbells, Cardio equipment, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, boxes and most of the equipment except for anything on the rig or rope climbs.

M: 5am, 6am, 12pm (45min), 4:45pm, 6pm

T: 5:30am, 4:45pm

W: 5am, 6am, 12pm (45min), 4:45pm, 6pm

Th: 5:30am, 4:45pm

F: 5am, 6am, 12pm (45min), 46pm

S:  8am (Blend with METCON)


Back Carpark

Will run for 60min (may change).

This METCON class will have access to Pullups bar, dip bars, tyres, Dumbbells, Dead-balls, kettlebells, Wallballs and most of the conditioning equipment except for the barbells and Cardio equipment.

Depending on numbers will run on Tuesday or Thursday..
See IG stories and members FB to follow the 'popup workouts"

Gym Workout

Olympic Lifting

Front Car Park

There will be 2x 60min Olympic Lifting classes running per week. Because of the limited numbers, two classes means there is more opportunity to join in.

Each day will be different programming

Tue & Thu: 6pm 

LIVE Classes & Home workouts

Online or Solo

We understand not everyone can still make it into the physical gym during this time, so we will still continue to provide:

- LIVE Classes (Alongside the Gym classes)

With programming you can do along side (or in own time:

- At Home Workouts: No equipment

- At Home Workouts: Limited Equipment

- At Home: Full Gym Setup (Same as at gym)

M: 6:30am, 9:30am, 5:30pm

T: N/A

W: 6:30am, 9:30am, 5:30pm

Th: N/A

F: 6:30am, 9:30am, 6pm

Online Workout
CrossFit Exercises


Back Car Park

No coach here, but you will have access and freedom to style your own workout out the back. 

We will also provide:

- 2-3x Extra Workouts

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