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So how does it work? Since this competition is aimed at trying this style of competition for the first time, it is open to all abilities, strengths, and experiences. A challenge within a fun and supportive environment, for you to get a feel of it! Calling order: 1. The weight of the barbell (lightest weight first) 2. The number of the attempt (lowest number first) 3. The sequence / order of the previous attempt(s) (the athlete who lifted earliest is first) 4. The start number of the athlete (lowest first) – For the allocation of start numbers see Regulation to 6.4 – Weigh-in (Ignore 4) - Each athlete get 1min from when they have been called or when the bar has been loaded and platform has been cleared (which ever is last) - If they lift twice in a row they get 2mins - 30 seconds left of their time, a warning signal is called - 10mins after snatch to warm up for clean and jerks

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Check out our timetable for when we will be open. 10min before and after class.