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Sale ends 18th March 2023


🔥 23% off "Unlimited" or "13x Classes" Alpha Brave CrossFit membership

Pay upfront for 1 year, and receive 23% off. This equals 3 months free - a HUGE saving of $657.80 -$777.40.
We have only 12x membership offers available to purchase, so get in fast!

👉 Not only that, it also includes:
- 1 Free Beginners CrossFit Course (Worth $80)
- 1 Free 40min Private Coaching Session (Worth $70)
- 20% off the first Alpha apparel item.
- 15% of all LSKD purchases
- 1 Free Alpha Glass bottle (worth $30)
- 1 Free Alpha Lanyard (Worth $12)


Unlimited Classes:

  • $2602.60 (Originally $3380, save $777.40) - Transferable*

  • $2202.20 (Originally $2860, Save $657.80) - Nontransferable

13 Classes Per Month:

  • $2202.20 (Originally $2860, Save $657.80) - Transferable*

  • $1801.80 (Originally $2340, save %538.20) - Non-Transferable

*Transferable: If you no longer wish to continue, you can Transfer it to another person. Once transfer allowed per membership only. 2 Weeks notice needed.

The first Saturday of every month!
Only $10pp (instead 0f our casual rate of $30)

Invite your friends and family to join our CrossFit classes with our regular members and coaches - all abilities, strengths and fitness levels are welcome.

If it is your first time - book online or contact us for a FREE TRIAL

Bookings are needed, so please contact us to join!
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(Date TBC.  New Cycling starting mid-year)

Couch to CrossFit.png

8 Week CrossFit Journey

$459 upfront or $160 upfront and a weekly payments of $40.
Transform your fitness, strength and mindset with the Couch to CrossFit 8 Week challenge.

This is for every day people looking to train hard together, leading up to a in-house CrossFit Competition, and jumping into the world wide CrossFit Open along the way with our community.

Whether you are a complete newbie, or have trained for a while and are looking for a new challenge with CrossFit, our coaches and community are hear to support you along the way.

🔥What does it include?

  • Private Group Intro CrossFit Class Sun 15th Jan (4pm) covering the fundamental barbell movements, intro to Oly Lifting, and intro to Gymnastics.

  • Access to the CompClass 6.15pm Friday

  • Unlimited Access CrossFit membership

  • Inhouse CrossFit Comp on Sat 11th March.

See below for schedule outline.

To get started, contact us via our website, IG or email


Sun 15th Jan: Week 1

  • Sun 15th: Intro to CrossFit (2 hours)

    • 60min: Fundamentals Barbell Movements (Squats,Push Press + Push Jerk, Deadlifts)

    • 30min: Intro to Oly Lifting (Power Clean and Power Snatch)

    • 30min: Intro to Gymnastics (TTB, Handstand Pushups, Ring Dips, Pullups)

    • Set up account for the CrossFit Open (Optional, bring laptops if keen)

We will spend time finding your individual progressions/modifications, so you are better prepared for the classes. For example, if it was handstand Pressups and you aren’t yet able to do them on the wall, we can find a modification that suits your ability to help you progress.


  • Fri 20th: 6.15pm Comp Class (Working towards CF Open)

Mon 23rd Jan: Week 2

  • Fri 27th: 6.15pm Comp Class (Working towards CF Open)


Mon 30th Jan: Week 3 (Note: Mon 30th is Auckland Anniversary)

  • Fri 3rd: 6.15pm Comp Class (Working towards CF Open)

Mon 6th Feb: Week 4 (Note: Monday is Waitangi Day but we will still have a class)

  • Fri 10th: 6.15pm Comp Class (Working towards CF Open)


13th Feb: Week 5

  • Fri 17th: 6.15pm Comp Class (Prepare for CrossFit Open WOD 1)

20th Feb: Week 6

  • Mon 20th: CrossFit Open WOD 1

  • Fri 24th: 6.15pm Comp Class (Prepare for CrossFit Open WOD 2

27th Feb: Week 7

  • Mon 27th: CrossFit Open WOD 2

  • Fri 6th: 6.15pm Comp Class (Prepare for CrossFit Open WOD 3)

6th Mar: Week 8

  • Mon 6th: CrossFit Open WOD 3

  • Sat 11th: Inhouse Team CrossFit Comp!!

You will be divided into one of two teams with a couple of Alpha Coaches as your leader. In your larger team, you will compete with your team to get points.


Coming soon...

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