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Winter Games 2015 is coming...

We are just over a month into the opening of Alpha Brave CrossFit, and it has been a huge learning curve for me, and a big transition for all you loved, loyal members - I just want to thank everyone for being amazing, positive and patient through the teething period. Im excited to let everyone know that we are having our WINTERS GAMES on the 29TH AUGUST 2015 :)

So, the information I can give you now... - ALL past and present members of your teams are welcome to compete on the day! So update your team's private page with current and past members of your team and start prepping. - The week before Winter Games 2015 will also be an opportunity to accumulate points for your team, so make sure you come! - Wear your colours on the week and day of Winter Games 2015 :) Makes giving points a whole lot easier.

- Family and friends can come watch and support, there will even be activities they can participate in. Just make sure they are wearing your team colour so we know who to give their points to. - There will be Individual, Team, and Paired events based on strength, endurance, skill, speed, mixed and co-operation (so something for everyone). More information on the Challenges will be release closer to the day.

- Best of all..... Barbeque, PRIZE GIVING and hang out time afterwards at Alpha Brave.

Currently Peisander are the holders of the Games Sheild, who will be next?

So teams, get your trianing going and organize fun things like... say, the Huks team runs, and get ready for the WINTER GAMES 2015!! #GloryfavourstheBrave

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