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Alpha Summer Games 2016

This year, we will be having some events at the Hamilton Lake!! The schedule will be released a couple of weeks out from the 27th, so plenty of time to get your training A into G and get recruiting!!

The week before the games, each of the CrossFit and Functional classes will have a mini challenge dedicated to accumulating points to their team! It will give you a headstart before the day.

For those unable to make it to classes, out of time or are not current members, there are challenges that can be submitted via photos or videos by 7pm the same day to get points for your team. Post to the MAIN ALpha Brave Page and #AlphaSummerGames2016

hmmmmm what else.... Oh yes - Events clues and information you need before the day will be given, but the actual Challenges will be uncovered on the day! :)


1. Support a local Op shop and Dress in your colours! Get a chant ready, get a theme for dress up, do what ever you gotta do to get the energy high on the day!

2. There will be an even or two at Hamilton Lake. It will be easier for members and the environment to car pool! Pets and kids welcome!

3. We are having a BBQ afterwards so feel free to stay and chill :)

4. All past members welcome on the day of Summer Games to represent their team, must wear their team colours for easy point gathering.

5. Friends of Current members welcome to participate on the day in events deemed 'OK" for them to join and must wear your team colours so the right poionts can go to the right team.

We don't want someone who has never done a squat in their life suddenly doing weighted squats with no trianing and poor form.

6. Friendly banter is encouraged! Water balloons at the Lake is always a good idea, as well as water pistols.

7. We start at 8am.

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