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Queens Birthday Workout

Workout for the day, 10 points for either:

1. Completing the Lake challenge to the rules

2. Either completing the Home/Hotel challenge or doing a full 40min.

Send in a photo of a video showing you have completed to workout to the BattleFit Bootcamp page to get your 10 points!

Monday's Challenge!

C2G Burpees - Chest to Ground Burpees

Bench Jump - Box Jump on a chair at the lake.

Split Lunges - Lunge down so your back knee touches the ground, in one movement, jump up and switch legs so you are in the opposite lunge position. 10 in total.

Bag Thrusters - use a bag filled with all your stuff (or empty it). Hold in the front of you, squat down then explode the bag upwards in one fluid movement (like a wall ball)

Pressup to side plank - After you do a press ups, balance on one arm so your back and front are facing walls. Wait until you are balanced before coming down for the next push up.

Tri-dip - Facing away from the chair, place your hands on the chair, fingers facing forwards, legs up on band, then bend you elbows causing you to dip down. Keep elbows close to body and pointing backwards.

Mountain Climbers - In a Pressups position, bring one knee up to your chest, then swap with the other. 100 in total (50 each leg)

Power Jack - Starting with your feet together, ad your hands above your head together, drop down into a squat, then spring back to starting position. Repeat :)

V-Ups - Laying on the ground, lift your legs up and arms up to touch your toes. Make sure your shoulder blade come off the ground.

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