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Member Profile: Kim McGregor

What do you Love about Alpha Brave CrossFit?

What I love about Alpha is that it has a positive can-do vibe to it. This makes it easier for members to achieve their goals, including mine! There are things I have achieved that I never thought I could do by having a can-do attitude (well of course there was swearing and arguments tossed in there with myself but we won't tell that to Rose). It also is child-friendly which is really important to me as I have the next Rhonda Rousey child....just saying

What are your goals?

Goals are to become more flexible - well to take advantage of my flexibility to gain core strength so I am able to work on my headstand form and hold a handstand. Also currently working towards handstand into a bridge - wish me luck! What has been your greatest accomplishment so far? I have accomplished confidence in myself! That it's not about the bestest or fastest it's about where you are at, within yourself. Not about what that person can do. Or how strong that person is. Its about your goals and what you want to achieve and going for it! I'm also super happy with achieving a headstand and strengthening my core and for even trying Crossfit out despite all the comments made!

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