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Nutrition Plan

We are really excited to share these nutrition plans with you for our 14x Day Ab Sleigh Challenge starting 24th December - 7th January. We hope that you take full advantage of these and end up feeling more energetic and just over all better at the end of the two weeks. These plans were designed for longevity, so when you reach your goal, you can continue eating the same KINDS of foods, just have more of them.

All these foods can be found at your local New Worlds, Pak'n'Save and Countdowns in NZ, but if you have any questions below, just put them below!

Please note these are only guides, as everyone has different needs based on weight, height, goals and physical activity. SO, if you feel super low in energy, not recovery well, or hungry all the time - EAT MORE of the foods on the plan.. aka bigger portions, alternatively, if you are feeling full, DO NOT force yourself to eat.

And here is our MALE Nutrition Plan:

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