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Sunday Rundown

Coach’s thoughts about programming… VIRTUOSITY - Doing the common, uncommonly well.

When programming, sometimes I have an internal battle between wanting to give our athletes a mean workout, and wanting to take things slowly and just focus on getting that technique perfect/improved. It gets a lot harder when you have a huge variety of athletes from newbies to seasoned within the same class. The issue (in my head) becomes one of boredom for the more advanced athletes who already know how to do a wall ball vs those whose struggle with the mechanics. So this week I have been more consciences about guiding the “set up/build weight’ portion of the programming. Too often I see athletes pull out a box and a KB for their workout, and then just wait for the WOD to start instead of actually going through the movements and getting their bodies ready through SPECIFIC warm up. What is the difference of a specific warm up to a general warm up you might ask? Well the general warm up is focused on getting the heart rate up, blood flowing and to warm up the muscles we are going to use in the WOD. Whereas a specific warm up would be doing movements that are a direct relationship to the WOD, so examples are doing a Burgener Warm up before a snatch, or doing a deadlift with an empty bar rather than relying on say, burpees, to get warm. So if you look at the entire CrossFit programming for this week, you will notice a lot more detail during the set up. All I want for Alpha is to have happy people that move exceptionally well, and for the right coaches to share that passion with every athlete they can help.


MORE ADVANCED (Optional) 3x Snatch Positions

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