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Signing up is simple:

1.  Complete a non-obligatory 1 Week Free trial with us. Contact us or CLICK HERE to sign up for trial.

2.  Complete the Direct Debit form and return it to Alpha via email or in person.

3.  Download ZEN PLANNER, and start booking into our classes.


Terms and Conditions:
- 30 Days notice of cancellation for all membership.

- No hold during December and January,

- HOLDS: 2 Weeks notice. $5 per week membership holding fee, minimum 4 weeks maximum 8 weeks, one hold per 12 month period.


For full terms and conditions, please download the signup form below:

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All classes including CrossFit, Olympic Lifting and Engine.

6 Month minimum Term.
Included access to gym outside of staffed houred.

$65pw open term price.

13 Classes Per Month

Any 13 Classes per month inc CrossFit, Olympic Lifting and Engine.

6 Month min term.

$55pw open term price.

2 Classes Per week

Any 2 Classes per week inc CrossFit, Olympic Lifting and Engine.

6 Month min term.

$45pw open term price.

12pm CrossFit Only

12pm CrossFit classes only.

45min Classes.

6 Month min term

$45pw open term price.

Other Prices:

Casual: $30 per class

1 Week Casual $80

Beginners Course: $80

10 Concession: $270 (Valid 10 weeks)

To contact us, please ensure you let us know:
1. Your full name and contact number
2. The program you are contacting about
3. Your question/s
Please ensure your email is correct so we can contact you.


Your details were sent successfully!


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Terms and Conditions

- Payments made via direct debit company EZI DEBIT. Can be made weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.
- 30 Days notice of cancellation. Must be via email
- 2 week Notice for HOLDS. (4 weeks Minimum, 12 weeks Max). 1 hold per 12 month period. Must be via email.
- No holds submissions for December/January.

- 2 Weeks Notice to Downgrade membership, can upgrade any time. Must be done via email.
- No holds, refunds, or cancellations for memberships purchased on specials. 
- Upfront memberships, specials, concessions cards and Beginners Courses are non-refundable.

- Full time tertiary Student, Senior Citizen and Community Card Holder memberships must provide proof of Current year's study, at the start of every year. Due end of Jan each year.
- No holds during December and January.
- Fixed/Minimum term memberships will attract a cancellation fee of 50% of the fee for the remaining term.  The cancellation fee will be deducted at the expiry of the notice period.

Full form

Email: or contact us via the website.
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