Unlimited CrossFit


PWK 6 Month Min

The ultimate CrossFit lifestyle. 

- Unlimited CrossFit Classes

- Free access to our regular Oly Lifting

- Discount for Specialty Alpha Workshops.

- Open Gym access outside of gym hours.

$60 pw no minimum term

$1152 Upfront, 20% off (24 weeks)

Unlimited    OFF PEAK 


PWK 6 Month Min

Keen to train every day and have flexibility to do it during the day? This Offpeak Unlimited membership is the way to go!

- Access to all 12pm, and 9.30/10pm Classes only (Note that the 9.30am Classes are women only)

- Discount for Specialty Alpha Workshops

- Open Gym access outside of gym hours.


$50 pw no minimum term

$960 Upfront, 20% off (24 weeks)

13x Classes per month


PWK 6 Month Min

This membership gives you the flexility to join the CrossFit classes morning, day or night! You can train 13 times a month, how ever you want to mix it up. If you are away for a week, you can make up classes in your other weeks.

Membership resets on the same date every month, based on when you sign up. 

$47 pw no minimum term

$902 Upfront, 20% off (24 weeks)

3x 12pm CrossFit Blitz


PWK 6 Month Min

Choose any 3x 12pm CrossFit Blitz classes per week. There are 5 to choose from so if work, study or life gets in the way, you have the flexibility to come another day.


Our 12pm CrossFit Blitz classes are 40min to fit into your day, and are based on the main WOD so you wont miss out.

If you are wanting to do more than 3x 12pm classes, join the Unlimited OFF PEAK membership.

$40 pw no minimum term
$768 Upfront, 20% off (24 weeks)

3x CrossFit Women


PWK 6 Month Min.

CrossFit classes dedicated for creating a powerful Women only community!

Women of all corners of life welcome, as well as children of all ages. (Children are welcome to all classes, but it is just nice to have some dedicated space).


3 Classes:

Mon, Wed and Fri 9.30am only.

$35 pw no minimum term

$673 Upfront, 20% off (24 weeks)

2x Classes per Week


PWK 6 Month Min.

Perfect for someone doing other regular sports or training, and are wanting to add Cross Training, fitness and strength into their week.


If CrossFit is the only thing you do, especially as a beginner, we HIGHLY recommend the 13x Class membership to get the most out of your training and goals.

$40pw no minimum term

$768 Upfront, 20% off (24 weeks)

15% off
Couples Membership
15% off second membership

Terms and Conditions

- Payments made via direct debit company EZI DEBIT. Can be made weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.
- 30 Days notice of cancellation. Must be via email or Facebook page @alphabravercrossfit.
- 2 week Notice for HOLDS. (4 weeks Minimum, 12 weeks Max). 1 hold per 12 month period.
- 2 Weeks Notice to Downgrade membership
- No holds, refunds, or cancellations for memberships purchased on specials. 
- Upfront memberships are non-refundable.

- Full time tertiary Student, Senior Citizen and Community Card Holder memberships must provide proof of Current year's study, at the start of every year. Due end of Jan each year.


To contact us, please ensure you let us know:
1. Your full name and contact number
2. The program you are contacting about
3. Your question/s
Please ensure your email is correct so we can contact you.


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443 Anglesea Street, 

Hamilton City Centre,


New Zealand


Check out our timetable for when we will be open. 10min before and after class.