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In CrossFit training we will focus on a fitness program that is general, broad and inclusive. The goal is to prepare our bodies and mind to accomplish any task or endeavor we set out to do.
Whether you want to run an obstacle course, marathon, gain strength, hike up the Tongariro Crossing, play at your local touch tournament, or simply look better naked, CrossFit training will help us be the jack of all trades. 

- 60 minutes long (except for the 12pm classes - allow 45min).
- All abilities from Beginners to Advanced. Our qualified and experience coaches will help you with anything you need to ensure you are able to work within your ability.
- Every day, week and month is different! We incorporate different aspects of strength and fitness to create new challenges every day.

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Private Classes

Looking for something more personalised?

If you and a group of people, whether they are your friends or work collegues would love to do CrossFit in your own time, maybe you will be interested in our Private Classes?

How does it work?
- We organise a class time that suits you 2-5x Per week.
- Depending on the number of people and number of classes your group would like per week, we organise a price. 
- Payments are in advanced and are either set as weekly payments* divided on the number of people/classes, or a monthly total invoice. 

2-3 Classes: $150 per class up to 6 people. Additional people will be $30 per person for weekly ongoing person, or $30 per single drop in (Up to 12x people per class).

4-5 classes: $135 per class up to 6 people. Additional People will be $30 per person for weekly on going classes, or $30 per single drop in  (Up to 12 people per class).

Examples of Prices:
a)   You want 2 classes per week for 6 people. $300 for 2 private classes, that is $50 per person, per week for both classes. 
b)   You want 2 classes per week for 8 people. $300 base rate + $60 for the 2 additional people. That is $45 per person, per week, for both classes.
c)   You want 4 classes per week for 10 people. $540 base rate + $120 for the 4 additional people. 
That is $66 per person, per week, for all 4 classes.

*payments can be set per person as a membership, depending on the number of people/class. So if someone cant make it one day/week, they still pay a set amount that does not affect the others in the group.


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