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If you are new to CrossFit, contact us to get started. You can also check out our guide on how to GET STARTED on the website. 

Upcoming BEGINNERS COURSES can be found on our "Specials and Courses" page.

$25 Drop In/Casual

Looking for somewhere to continue training while in the neighbourhood?

Then you can book into your first drop in here online and sort out the other sessions and payment when you arrive. Alternatively you can contact via our website, Facebook, Instagram, or email at rose@alphabravecrossfit.nz

---> To make it easier, flick through $25 to our account 02 0316 0485913 000 and email/DM us a screenshot of your payment.

Please be sure to arrive 10 minutes before class to allow enough time to find parking and fill out required paperwork.


$25 casual session, or $75 for an Unlimited 1 week pass.

(This is an honestly policy, so if you are currently training and wanting a place to train while in town, choose this option.)

Currently a member?

Download the ZEN PLANNER app for bookings. It is much easier and simpler to use, and you have access to our programming, and the ability to record your workouts.

Please wait for ZEN PLANNER booking app to load, but if it doesn't load click this link: https://trial-42a6af2d.sites.zenplanner.com/calendar.cfm

 or please contact us to book into a class:


CrossFit is fitness for EVERYONE. Aimed to improve your overall health, strength, fitness, mobility and energy with our experienced coaches through constantly varied, functional movements which are scalable to everyone's abilities and needs.

Classes are 60 minutes long, and include an explanation and demonstration of workout and it's movements, warm up, strength/skill, followed by your workout then stretching/cooldown.

Are you a beginner to CrossFit? Your first Beginners CrossFit class is FREE, check out how to GET STARTED HERE

Strength, Conditioning, Olympic lifting, Gymnastics, High Intensity, Fat loss.

Beginners CrossFit

These run on average every 3 weeks. Contact us or the next course.

It costs $55 to complete the Beginners CrossFit Fundamentals Course, but you can sign up to a membership at any time.


This course if free with any membership if you complete the course within 4 week of signing up.


Sign up with a friend and pay only $80.

For more information on how to GET STARTED, click here. Contact us via the website or email rose@alphabravecrossfit.nz for more info.

Technique, Beginners workouts, Learning, foundational movements.

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443 Anglesea Street, 

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New Zealand


Check out our timetable for when we will be open. 10min before and after class.