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Preparing for Workout

Come Train with us...

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Ready for a positive change and a new start?


1. Book in to your first free class via the website, and after your first class we can get you started on your 1 Week trials

2. Alternatively, contact us to find out more and we can set you up on you 1 week trial.


It can be easy from the outside looking in to CrossFit and think:

- I can't do that
- That looks hard/intense
- Everyone looks so fit and strong
- I'm not fit/strong enough
- I don't want to have to compete
- It looks intimidating

We have worked hard to provide a non-intimidating, safe, small group based, fun, and most importantly accessable enviroment for those wanting to do CrossFit.

You CAN do CrossFit and be a "CrossFitter" without having to be the best at exercise, without having to compete, regardless of your goals, ability or back ground.
All you have to do... is do it. 

We focus on YOU.
We focus on technique.
We focus on progression.
We focus on making sure you are being pushed without ego-lifting. 

Most importantly we focus on you pushing hard, to be the best version of yourself.

There are so many CrossFit gyms in Hamilton, who all have their own unique environment, focus, music and flare! So if you are looking for a community CrossFit Gym that loves the everyday people doing amazing things, hit us up!

❤️ $10 Community sessions the first Saturday of every Month!

Bookings are essential due class caps.

Contact us directly to organise a trial with us, or book to the left of this page. We can also help you will any questions, and help you choose a trial class that will best suit you and your abilities.

After your trial, you can choose to either:

  1. Complete a Beginners Course separately. (Link to information HERE)

  2. Sign up and a member, and complete a CrossFit Beginners Course within 30 days of joining.

Enjoy our gym, experienced coaches, and awesome community.


If you currently train within the CrossFit Community, and are looking for place to drop in for a session, simple contact us using the form on this page.

$30     Casual Drop in

$80     1 Week Unlimited Visitors Pass

$150   2 Week Unlimited Visitors Pass

We will set you up on our booking system "Zen Planner" so you can book into classes if you get an Visitors Pass.

To confirm bookings, please send through a screenshot of payment to our account:

     02 0316 0485913 025

     Reference: First and Last Name

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