CrossFit Alpha Brave is a community open to people of all walks of life. Make new friends, add variation to your training, get fit and strong and walk away feeling amazing.


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Rose McAuslin

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Head Coach and Owner of Alpha Brave CrossFit!  I have my CFL2, BSpExSc, Olympic Lifting L1, personal train, and have been in the fitness and health industry for 13 years. I still love every day of it!
Im happiest most when I get to train along side all the Alpha members, and when I'm in between classes and admin, I do the IG and marketing.
Cant wait to meet you! 


Kristen Burnett

Senior coach and mum extraordinaire to 3. CFL1 and weightlifting Level 1. She has been a dedicated athlete and Coach alongside Coach Rose, since before Alpha started! Passionate about everything she does and will go the extra mile for you. Get ready for a good time in any class she coaches!


Jojo Walsh

Midday CrossFit Coach, and one tough chick who is dedicated to training different arts! She will push you to do your best while getting to know you with some cheeky banter. She teaches at NZIHF helping bring up the new talent in the fitness industry, and Personal trains full time.


Liza Druve

Info coming soon!


Danesha Prashad

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AKA Coach Dee - She will bring you the best training tunes, has her CFL1, L1 Weightlifting, and currently Studying BSpExSc. You will see her training hard in the Women only classes with her baby mini-me! You can count on her to help you with every movement in your CrossFit Journey.


Chilo Heurea

Olympic Lifting addict and our Olympic lifting Coach. will see her in the Oly NZ Nationals and is a huge inspirations. Beach babe by nature and pasta girl at heart. Big smiles, always!


Gemma Parson

Looking for a big smile and energy? Gemma is CFL1 Coach and a qualified Massage Therapist,  During the week and has usually gone bush in the weekend. Hiking, camping and coconut ice cream. 

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