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June 1st 2020

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April 20th - April 26th 2020

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April 13th - April 19th 2020


April 6th - April 12th 2020

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WOD 17:  Complete for Time

Thursday, 9th April, 2020

You can get rid of the cap if you want and just finish it as fast as possible!

Single or Double KB/Dumbbell Thrusters
Barbell or bag Thrusters


Increase the reps to start from 60

Movements Links:

Mountain Climbers:

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Wednesday, 8th April, 2020

Start with the Double V-Ups when beginning the WOD. 

Dumbbell: Double Dumbbell
Bag: Same movements
KB: KB Cleans from ground, do 9 on each arm. 3x OH Lunges on each arm.


If 12 V-Ups is too much, feel free to do 12x Butterfly Sit-ups instead.

Movements Links:

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WOD 15:  Chippers

Tuesday, 7th April, 2020

35min Running clock! The first two sections are conditioning based, and the final 10min is more skill work - so focus on quality movements rather than speed.

Dumbbell: Double Shoulder 2 Overhead.
KB: Will be lighter weight so do it on each side (21 each side).
Wallball:  Double the reps! You can do Press ups on the WB too if you :)


Sub Shoulder to OH with A-Frame Press ups.
Sub Double Unders with alternating Plank reach.

Movements Links:
Reverse Lunge to Pistol Squat

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WOD 1:  14min EMOM

Monday, 6th April, 2020

There are 20 movements every minute, and you r goal is to complete all 20 before the 1min is over. If you are wanting more of a challenge, use the remaining time to accumulate BFSU instead of resting.

Dumbbell: Russion Swings holding the head. DB Snatch.
Bag/Bar: 7x SDHP and Hand Snatch (40/30kg)
Wallball: Ground to Overheads and Wallballs/Thrusters.


If you are doing the 'no equipment' version, your main objective is to accumulate your butterfly situps.

Movements Links:

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WOD 13:  Outside

Sunday, 5th April, 2020



- Do this earlier in the morning, or a road near your house that is straight and does NOT have a large amount of car-traffic, even in this climate.

- Please, if going on the road, do NOT wear your headphones so you can hear the traffic - be safe!~

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Saturday, 4th April, 2020

This can be done solo, or with a partner! BUT, if you are doing it with a partner, the person ''resting' must do so alternating in a PLANK and WALLSIT position every swap, while the other personal works. 

Dumbbell Swings and Thrusters. Bag ground to overhead. Wallball Ground 2 OH and Wallballs to wall/target. 


Created something that is weighted such as filling a bag with books, or cans of food, and filling it with clothes to support and soften the contents :).

Movements Links:
Squat to Hip Tuck jumps:

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WOD 11:  5x RFT

Friday, 3rd April, 2020

Barbell focused WOD today! Aim for approx. 10-12min cap, the RX weight being 50/35kg.

OH Lunges instead of Squat. Using a Sandbag. Kettlebell or dumbbell overhead. Goblet Squats, single arm snatches with KB or DB.

Full body workout that focuses on balance.

Movements Links:
Single Leg Deadlift into Jump

Renegade Rows

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WOD 10: 25min  AMRAP

Thursday, 2nd April, 2020

Increase the Dead Ball by 2x instead if it is moderate/lighter weight. Have un, and see what round you can get up to in 25min!

DU: 120x Punches to bag, 1/2 reps DU, 60 single Skips, 60x Switch kicks or 60x High knees.

D-Ball: Heavy Power Cleans or Deadlifts 80% 1rm. +2 Bag Power Cleans, KB or Dumbbell Snatch/Cllean on EACH arm.

Do Bear Crawl instead, increasing 5m each round

Movements Links:
Bear Crawl

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WOD 9: 35min WOD

Wednesday, 1st April, 2020

Longer WOD broken up into 3 parts to keep it fun and interesting!
For WOD 1, START with the reverse burpees and if it take you longer than 30 seconds, scale it back to 3-4 reps.

What ever you have! :)

No equipment: 100x Reverse Burpees (fall to back rather than tummy) then EMOM do 10x Pressups

Movements Links:


WOD 8: 15min METCON

TUES, 31st March 2020

Complete all 3 movements in 2 min, any time remaining gets added to your rest. Make sure the weight is challenging, so by the 3-4 round you are having to really push. If you have lighter weights, do push press instead of jerk to tax the arms more.

Barbell Jerk, Bag Push Press, 24x Wallball Shoulder Press, Double KB  Jerk.

To really target those arms, do the burpees, and use the run as a 'rest'.

Movements Links:
Dumbell Jerk

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WOD 7: 10min AMRAP

MON, 30th March 2020

Aim for 5-7 Rounds.
If you want to go heavier for the thrusters, go ahead! Adapt this workout to suit you goals and needs.

KB or Dumbbell Stiff-leg Deadlifts.
Wallball, Plate, Bag, KB, or Double Dumbbell Thrusters

This ends up being a 10min explosive set, and if you have something to jump on to, do the Box Jumps instead of tuck jumps.

Movements Links:
Tuck Jumps

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WOD 6: 15min AMRAP + 25min Stretching

Sun, 29th March 2020

We have programmed a stretching set for today, but if you have a preferred mobility routine, program or online yoga set available to you, feel free to change it to that instead. 

SUBSTITUTES: Barbell /Bag Updowns, KB Deadifts with a 1/2 Burpee, Hand on WB or Deadball and pick it up.

Movements Links:
Dumbbell Up Downs

Switch kicks sub for Double Unders. Scale: high knees.

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WOD 5: 30min Partner Chipper

Sat, 28th March 2020

No partner? No problem! You can tackle this WOD solo, OR video chat with someone and sync up with a friend online!

Good luck and have fun!

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WOD 4: 5x Rounds For time

Friday, 27th March 2020

Complete 5 Rounds as fast as possible, then finish with the a 1km Run. To make the WOD a little longer, do an additional 1km run at the start as a 'Buy in" to the WOD.

For the no equipment 'at home' version, fill a backpack or small suitcase to add weight to it. It could be heavy books or clothes for example.

For the squats of choice, it can be bodyweight, weighted, squats jumps... just don't choose "no squats' haha.

Check out the "MOVEMENT LIBRARY" section for explanation of the HSPU.

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WOD 3: For Time

26th March 2020

Try to get the main portion done in 10min.

You can sub the equipment for something else like a barbell, sandball, ball, BUT if it is rather light, double the number of 'complex' reps.

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WOD 2: 15min AMRAP

25th March 2020


Get as many rounds as possible! Whether it is 2 rounds or 20!
You can choose the weights.

If you have a Deadball at home - 8 reps for moderate weight, 4 reps if super heavy.

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WOD 1: 25min FOR TIME

25th March 2020


Exciting - Our first trial online WOD!

Start your first minute with the burpees!

Remember to keep an eye on the clock to get your leg raises done every minute.


No equipment?
Sub the Cleans with Roly V-Ups, and the G2OH with Hands 2 Elbow.
This becomes a SUPER CORE workout.