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Core    Series


See Workouts Below:

CORE 5:  3-5x Rounds

Tuesday,  31st March 2020

10x Lateral Leg Raises

10x Alternating V-Ups

10x Alternating Super Mans

Video coming soon

CORE 4:  3-5x Rounds

Tuesday,  31st March 2020

10x Weighted Doublle V-Ups (each)
20x Russion Twists (each way)

Video coming soon

CORE 3: For   5 Rounds

Friday,  27th March 2020

10x Toes 2 KB (alternatively, you can hold on to something sturdy like a couch, leg chair, or partner)

20x Russion Twists

30x Weighted “toe touches”


NO KB? No problem!

10x V-Ups

20x Russion Twists holding ANYTHING :P Or even just bodyweight

30x Toe Touches 

CORE 2: For   Time

Thursday, 26th March 2020


WB Pikes

Weighted BFSU

CORE 1: 6x Rounds for Quality

Wednesday, 25th March 2020


20x Alternating Plank Reach (total)

20x Mountain Climbers (total)

40x Flutter Kicks (total)

Goal: Sub 5min

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