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Term 4, 2021 Trials: 

Teens: Thur, 14th Oct, 3.45pm

Pre-Teens: Wed, 13th Oct, 3.35pm

Having the whole family as members of one gym also gives them a new shared activity! Parents love to share their hatred of burpees and thrusters with their kids. Or maybe, their love-hatred. :)

That said, the benefits the teens see in their general fitness and academics are usually the biggest motivators to enroll in the program. Teens can become so specialised in a certain sport at such an early age, that some general fitness becomes necessary for building overall athleticism and improving injury prevention.

Teens are also not getting as much physical activity at school as they used to, which can contribute to trouble focusing on academics, and the retention of that schoolwork. There is a growing body of evidence that says, following rigorous exercise, focus, understanding and retention of academic subjects increase.

Other benefits of CrossFit for teens are:

- Builds Self Confidence

- Better School Performance

- Increased Sports Performance

- Camaradeire - Friendships and Relationships.

- Discipline and respect.

- Learning about a longterm  healthier lifestyle

- Improved positive self-body image

Wooden Hut

CrossFit Teens

Monday and Thursday

3.45pm (55min Class)

$25 pw. Must enrol for the entire term.

Receive 10% off when paying upfront.

Our Teens CrossFit program follows a similar format to our main CrossFit classes, but are designed to still be fun, and enjoyed by both active teens, and teens looking to start something for the first. We have also added a sports influence so that the strength and conditioning in the classes, can be transferable to various other sports such as rugby, touch, netball, MMA etc.

Next Enrolment:
18th Oct - 10th Dec (8 Weeks)


CrossFit PreTeens


3.45pm (45min Class)

$12.50 pw. Must enrol for entire term.

Receive 10% off when paying upfront.

CrossFit Preteens starts with a warm up or game, some skill work, a WOD (workout of the day), and sometimes followed by another game!
The main focus is safety, movements, and fun. We  will build up basic strength, fitness, co-ordination and help improve co-ordination. healthy lifestyle and other sports. 

Next Enrolment:

18th Oct - 10th Dec (8 Weeks)

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