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Christmas Day WOD

Hopefully you are not too hung over... from alcohol and/or food :) A little bit of weight gain over the silly season hopefully never hurt anyone :)

THE FEAST Starter: 200x Double unders OR 200 Switch Kicks (t) Entree: 10x Pressups - full or on knees (go down to 90degrees at elbow) 10x Double Knee Mountain Climbers (pressup position, tuck both knees in then out, repeat) 10x Squat Jumps

5x Rounds Main: 10-1

Walkouts (feet stay planted, walk your hands out into pressup position then walk them back to standing) Skier Lunges (each leg) Chest to Ground Burpees Dessert: 20 reps each, 6 Rounds Toe Touchers

Leg Raises (from just above the ground, to 45 degrees - NOT all the way up)

Bicycle Crunches (total) Drinks: Protein, Smoothie or Alcoholic :) What was your time???

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