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27th December Workout

15min AMRAP, OR 20min AMPRAP with 8x reps.

6x Pressups

6x Full DKMC

6x Chest to Ground Burpees

6x Squat Jumps 6x Shuttles

Try to get as many rounds as possible! Pressups = Chest to Ground, maintain body like a plank Full DKMC = In Press ups position, tuck both knees into your chest and keep your bum down, then spring them back so you go into 'chest to ground' postion. Burpees = Go all the way onto your tummy then spring back up into bath feet finishing with a jump, repeat. Squat jumps = Hips should go below knees in the squat positiong, then feet come off the ground in the jump

Shuttles = About 10m, run forward 10m run Backwards 10m = 2 reps.

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