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January Challenge

Theme of the Month

This months programming theme is all about the Kettlebell and focusing on getting that movement right.

In no particular order, we will be covering Russian and US swings, DBL KB Squat, KB Press and DBL Press, KB Jerk and Double Jerk, Kb Thrusters, KB Cleans and DBL Cleans, KB Snatch and DBL Snatch, and finally, the beloved Turkish Get up.

The weekly programming for this skill will be up at Alpha, so if you miss out on a Class, you can come during open gym to practice.


20x Burpee Rewarf for drops, we want to keep your equipment and mats intact.

Challenge of the Month

"KettleBell Krazy"

1 round for time

20x US Kb Swings

20x Alternating Kb Swing

20x KB Clean and Press (t)

20x KB Snatch (t)

1x TGU each side.

Weight: 12/16kg

There will be a Male and Female winner every month, but remember that isn’t the only reason to give it a try. Challenge yourself, challenge a friend, and just have some fun.

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