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Anzac Day

We are closed for classes on Anzac day. Enjoy this "at home/park/beach" workout for next Monday:

1. 1.6km Run

2. 3x Rounds

25x Hands Off Pressups

19x Squat Jumps

15x Roly Burpees

3. 1km Run

4. 5x Rounds

2x Around the Worlds.

7x Power Jacks

7x Hip Tucks

9m Military Crawl

5. 400m Run

Post your time below :)

25th April

Year 1915, landing of New Zealand and Australian soldiers at Gallipoli.

2779x New Zealanders lost their lives

Roly Burpees: Lay on your tummy, roll all the wayback to your front again, then jump up to a burpee. Repeat. Around the World: Jump 4 corners of a squat, touching the ground each time. One squat (4x jumps) = 1x rep Power Jacks: Jump down into a squat, then jump up brining your feet and hands together. Jump back down into a squat.

Hip tucks: Jump up brining knees into chest. Military Crawl ; Lay on ground, using arms and legs to drag your body.

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